• Thursday, 30. November 2017

    • Firmware Update v3.0.36 verfügbar

      Wesentliche Änderungen und Korrekturen innerhalb der aktuellen OctoGate-Version.

  • Thursday, 30. November 2017

    • WLAN - Verwundbarkeit KRACK

      Genau wie die Access Points anderer Hersteller ist auch OctoGate von dieser Verwundbarkeit...

  • Thursday, 30. November 2017

    • ASUS WLAN Ablöse-Aktion bis zum 31. Dezember 2017

      Sie nutzen aktuell einen ASUS WLAN Access Point RT-AC56U oder RT-AC66U der alten Generation?

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Firewall, virus scanner and spam protection: OctoGate

If you are looking for an excellent product for your network security or want to curb the regular flood of spam mails in your inboxes and want a comprehensive protection from viruses – look no further!

The OctoGate firewall not only protects your network and your workstations from all kinds of everyday threats from the internet, but serves at the same time as virus scanner, spam filter and VPN gateway, all in one device – without any additional software on the workstations. With the OctoGate Firewall solution you are protecting the IT-infrastructure of your practice, chancellory, home office or office. No matter if single workstation or comprehensive protection for medium sized businesses – the OctoGate firewall will adapt flexibly to your needs.

Catch up on our unique UTM solution, so that you can exclusively focus on what is most important for you: your work. And you can rely on being protected from all dangers of the internet. Because: OctoGate manages it for you!